Thursday, December 29, 2016

Show Off Your Collarbone With Prom Dress

If you are hesitant when choosing the prom dress. And want the most important moments in your life. May be you can looking for sexy and elegant prom dresses just for show off your collarbone. Here is your best collection of related designs. Any girl will be inspired, especially when you have long hair.

Show Off Your Collarbone With Prom Dress - Black Long Prom Dress

The lace corresponds to the tights, making the skirts cozy and elegant.

This is another elegant tip that keeps your long hair down to hide some of your shoulders. Simple and beautiful folds are the secret of full bust.

short print prom dress

A simple updo hairstyle and a diamond accessory make you cute.

If you have a collarbone like she do not hide it.

long prom dress

The beautiful clavicle shows a more natural femininity than a necklace or bracelet.

This lace and tulle prom dress with beaded is more suitable for slim girl. Or following dress more slender, make your mermaid dream come true.

sparkle mermaid prom dress

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses, The Best Choice

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to add fun and flare for your bridal party. Whether the dress is a hurry, beautiful embellishment, or just leave the plain, this dress will be an ideal statement for any wedding, and it can be the best choice.

Sleeveless A-line Sweetheart Zipper Back Pleated Tulle Long Bridesmaid Dress
One Shoulder Pleated Tulle Long Bridesmaid Dress

One shoulder dress can be dressed up or down, depending on whether the wedding is formal or informal. In short, this type of bridesmaid dress is versatile, can easily meet the needs of the occasion. These bridesmaid dresses are also designed very well because they show just the right skin, as the bridesmaids look cute and still elegant. It is extremely hot, not too transparent, leaving a trace of mystery, will make everyone want to see and end.

A-line Beaded One-Shoulder Strap Zipper Back Pleated Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
One-Shoulder Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

These bridesmaid dresses require a minimum number of accessories, because one shoulder bridesmaid dress can be decorated and can be used as a unique feature. If the shoulder strap is plain and simple, a rough bracelet and a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers will be sufficient. The bride can make her maid of honor wear any color of the shoulder female companion dress, as long as it does not contradict the concept of the event.

Glamorous A-line One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

When you choose the one shoulder bridesmaid dress, the different colors representing different meanings. The black dress is pure chic, but in your bouquet try the color of the popular to bold statement. If you want a dramatic color, but you do not want to commit to a dark shade, try an elegant silver. The navy is the new black. It is classic, but in the dress there is a popular color, which is beyond the myth!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Things You Must Know Before Say "Yes" to the Prom Dress

2017 prom season is upon us ladies and it's never too late to start shopping for that dream prom dresses. But before you rip off the price tag and hand over your credit card, it's always a good idea to make sure the dress you buy that you always imagine you'll wear on prom night. Some things you must know before you say "yes" to the prom dress.

Things You Must Know Before Say "Yes" to the Prom Dress

Does the price of the store match?

If you find a piece of dress that you absolutely love, be sure to ask the store if they can match the price, if you also find dress cheaper online.

Can I find it cheaper?

Before you say yes on your dream prom dress, try searching online to see if you can find a cheaper price or if the designer has other options you are interested in seeing and trying.

Am I able to dance in it?

One of the main things you want to make sure is that you can easily move your prom dress and be able to break it on the dance floor without having a fear of persecution and you will tear it apart.

Do I really like it?

If you are going to a group of people shopping for a prom dress, you may want to spend some time alone to really ask yourself if this is a dress you like, not a dress that everyone around you persuades you to love.

Have I seen all my options?

If you only go to a salon, just try on a dress, you may want to continue shopping to make sure you see more choices. If the first piece of dress is really one, you will only become more certain of the fact that in trying other dress.

Am I settling?

Finding a prom dress should be love at first sight, so if you find a dress that you feel good, then you may want to ask yourself: Am I settling?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Gorgeous Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses For Spring 2017

We've just seen some 2017 bridesmaid dresses spring series, and we have to say we're excited. There are so many beautiful dresses trends upcoming 2017. But I favorite is the floral print bridesmaid dress. Floral print bridesmaid dresses will always be an admirable and lovely choice for the bride party, because despite their soft appearance, lined up at the aside in bulk these gowns make a statement. Bright and daring their own conditions, these dresses are full of character and style. Floral bridesmaids dresses are perfect for highlighting any wedding, special for spring and summer wedding.

Flowers and Bohemian style is the perfect match for bridesmaid dress style. So, without a doubt, the Bohemian bridesmaid dress looks flawless in these garden inspired prints. From retro large to sweet and elegant, these bohemian bridesmaids dresses are fantastic.

Bold print is rapidly becoming the main trend of the wedding season this year, especially the bold flower pattern. The prints and patterns are putting the bridesmaid dress idea down from the proof of a color uniform; and the bold pattern proved to be particularly successful when the dresses styles are different and often a lot. Some functional illustrations are styled in one area of ​​the clothes design. This botanical watercolor dress is totally unforgettable and the perfect bohemian wedding.

floral print bridesmaid dresses trendy 2017

The watercolor of the bridesmaid dresses in their prints to play an abstract, fuzzy quality. Bold fashion, these flowers skirt certainly not to.

The pattern does not have to be loud; the designer has so many styles to choose from that it does not have to be large colorful floral motifs suitable for ladies' festivals (but it can be). Pattern dresses can be as subtle as the small polka dots on the lower half of the skirt.

watercolor print bridesmaid dresses

The patterned dress gives the bride and her bridesmaids a more freedom style that fits the best of everyone. They also offer the added advantage of making the wedding different and unique.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hiding Big Belly With Dressing Fantastic Prom Dresses

Big tummy, big belly, belly fat, pot belly, tummy flab, muffin top or spare tire? it's a real common issue for females when choose the dresses to attend the prom. Luckily, just choose the right dress you can do to hide the belly, so it will look fantastic in your way fashion!

Hiding Belly With Dressing Fantastic Prom Dresses

Fabric is very important.

The type of fabric will affect how the dress hang in your body. If you do not want your belly to become the center of attention, avoid sticking and stretch fabrics such as sweatshirts or Lycra, otherwise go for it. For the formal prom dress, choose chiffon, silk and lace. Be careful with satin, because the luster can sometimes increase the area of the stomach.

Add details to dresses.

Put on details (such as pleats, frills, beads and embroidery) on your dress, pull your eyes up and away from the troublesome stomach.

Belt or Not to Belt?

Belt will tighten your waist, give you a good definition of the curve. The straps may make your belly flip more pronounced, though. So it is your choice whether you want to take or not. When the belly flapped you stomach, you can put on the dress, if possible, cover it up.

Select flow dress.

Go for flow prom dress that flares out from your waist thus covering what's below the waist which is your flabby tummy. The flowing dress in your belly area are perfect for the belly to cover up because it does not stick to your body. Just go for it.

Wear Layers, Ruched and Pleats.

Some layers, ruched and pleats prom dresses are the good choice to cover up the belly, as all the busy gatherings will make abdominal fat hard to see. For best results, keep them untied to create flattering vertical lines that are slimming. Another plus point is you will appear taller.

Wrap Dress

Wrapped dress do give your belly up, depending on the design, style and pattern. Find the top of the loose flow pack that does not cling to your body. If you like to embrace people with roll clothes or dresses, look for something to collect or print in your belly area to hide the bulge. The two good things about parcels are that they determine your waistline and heal your bust, which will distract your eyes away from your belly.

Not Just for Black or dark

Yes, wear black dress look like slim, the same other dark tones. They can hide their belly really well, but do not limit yourself to these only. You can also go to bright colors. Just be careful when it comes to the belly part. Life is bright and bright with a bright and happy color.

Wear Prints and Patterns.

Small and tightly packed prints are perfect for hidden your stomach trouble. Pay attention to the points of attention and negative space on the printed matter and the pattern, which will draw attention to it.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017

These homecoming & prom dresses are common in any female wardrobe in any festive activity. but select homecoming & prom dress should always consider all possible aspects, starting from the place where the incident occurred to your mood end. Considering the diversity of dress design this season, it will be a very easy task. So let's look at what we should wear in spring and summer 2017.

Little black dress

Little black dress will never come out of fashion. Every woman who respects herself must have at least one such dress. Ideally, there are a few that are different from each other after cutting and detailing according to new fashion trends.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Little black dressTrendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Little black dress

Baby doll style

Spring and summer season 2017 season commitment will be very intense and playful. This is evidenced by the presence of many baby doll dress designs. They are characterized by bright floral motifs, fluffy skirts, frills, embroidered collar, accessories as ribbon and so on. Instead, all the elements depict the doll's dress. Although this style may look a bit naive, such dresses are of great popularity among women of any age, perhaps you will be able to choose such dress as well.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Floral Print Dress Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Floral Print Dress

Frilled dresses

Frills are back the fashion, the more the better. This pattern emphasizes the beauty of women, such dresses are very delicate, looks incredibly ventilated and light. Create a night out in a collection of dresses with ruffled two outputs, as well as a casual look that decides what design choices you make.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Ruffled Dress Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Ruffled Dress

Fashion lace

Another trend in the summer of 2017 is through the carved fabric. This year, a variety of lace dress inspiration, creating more diverse dress, both romantic characters, as well as seductive upper lady. One thing is clear: in 2017, this dress is the basic element of the wardrobe.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Lace DressTrendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Lace Dress

Bohemian style

Bohemian style is the leader of the past few years, 2017 spring and summer is no exception. This primitive and light style can combine what apparently can not be combined to create the same time women and beautiful costumes. Boho-style dress is not only fashionable, but also practical, comfortable, and most importantly, not repeatable.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Bohemian Style Dress Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Bohemian Style Dress

Bustier dresses

Dresses with shoulder and neck nudity to the fullest, busty dresses are another trend in the spring and summer of 2017. Such dress emphasize the slender body, making its owner look feminine and elegant. They can be of different colors, sizes and designs: from stunning prom dresses to short cocktail patterns. One thing is clear: this dress must not leave indifferent representation of fair sex and stand in the crowd.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Busty DressTrendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Busty Dress

High low dresses

High low dresses have become very popular over the past few seasons and are still popular in the spring and summer of 2017. The originality and non-repeatability of this particular dress design is due to the long skirt behind and the front short. High low dresses can be worn by high-heeled ladies, as well as higher people, because their lengths can be quite different. In most cases, the high low dress is suitable for special events.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - High Low Dress Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - High Low Dress

Satin dresses

Satin reborn in the summer of 2017 this was used for various dress designs. Due to the shiny texture of the fabric, the 2017 satin dress has become an outstanding model proof and can be worn everywhere.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Stain DressTrendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Stain Dress

Bare shoulder

The exposed shoulder of the dress is a seductive trend in the warm season of 2017. Such dress must be present in any ladies' wardrobe and the designer insists on providing bare shoulder designs for the dress. Choose this season dress with any taste of bare shoulder.

Trendy Homecoming / Prom Dresses Spring Summer 2017 - Bare Shoulder Dress 

The dresses spring and summer of 2017 will be truly colorful and beautiful will help us to bring our femininity, nature and ingenuity.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Prom Dresses 2017 New Released - Part III

Stay up-to-date on 2017 prom dresses collection. Looking for more new styles of images will be released for 2017 Prom. As always, the new prom dresses 2017 series is completely fresh and new that will help us to bring our femininity, nature and ingenuity. Being unique, do not forget that this season is important to feel warm and comfortable.

Prom Dresses 2017 New Released - Red Long Prom Dress

The new collection is the stunning glittering mermaid dress. Sequin + Mermaid will attract a lot of girls and attention.

Print prom dress is the second aspect, both striking and original. There is also an amazing new floral print on the soft prom dress. Fantasy and romance, these floral-usable prom dresses and two-piece round neck dresses look like a popular choice for weddings and proms.

In addition to the print, the new series also has some styles and 3D flower designs. This new look has many different styles. From the red soft dress, to the transparent chiffon and the royal blue dress, these tiny decals give a dress of stunning and stylish look that will make them stand out from the crowd.

The trends new look and fabric is stretch satin. In this fabric there are a lot of colors in a series of styles. Super charming and sexy, these styles will be a big hit as you choose the right dress.

Short and sweet, the off-shoulder looks features again, there is a cute lace and satin v corset style that will fit all the figures. Black and red floral style is also the best choice for short prom dress.

Color, the new series contains a lot of blush and pink and blue. Both the jersey style and the mesh dress look particularly stunning in this color. Red and royal still popular, especially in jersey style. In the set there are many navy, always looks very elegant.

purple sequined mermaid prom dresssequined mermaid prom dress

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to Wear: Incredible Nude Prom Dress

Nude is a beautiful, neutral color, has become one of the hottest fashion. The nude prom dress has a stunning collection of nude prom dresses from champagne, cream, light brown to blush to every shadow. Although the nude is one of the most popular colors for evening and prom wear, it is also one of the most difficult to wear.

How to Wear: Incredible Nude Prom Dress

Champagne, or pale nudes, is widely considered to be a classic and complex color choice. While this is undoubtedly true, it is a yellowish base and lacks the power of color, means that most complexions look at best washed out when wearing this shade. Pale complexion and brown hair come alive in a bright red or royal blue, and will unfortunately not see their best in this shadow.

Try to find a nude with silver or beaded mixed in it. A flat nude drains most of the skin, but when mixed with silver or gold, it will have more elevators and actually illuminate the complexion.

Blush or naked pink is more beautiful than champagne. This hue does not have the same yellow hue and can therefore be worn by the olive-colored skin tone or a lighter pinker type. Otherwise, the darker end of the naked spectrum can also be more beautified.

Blush or naked pink dress

Get the spray. While the pale and interesting will look great with some colors, it just does not work with nudity. If you do not have all the American Cheerleader Coloring, then you will need to fake it for the night!

Make sure your makeup complements and compliments the color of your dress. A bold red lipstick or smoky eyes can really help combat the lack of color in the clothes that make you shine.

Do not forget your nails. Again, the popular colors on the hands and feet will give your overall look more energetic.

Invest in good design and cutting. Although you can not always tell the difference between a more or less expensive little black dress, the same is not true nude style. Beadwork and cutting will be more evident in this color, so you may want to invest a little extra to achieve the complex look you are pursuing.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Twist Wrap Dress: Convertible Bridesmaid Dress Multiway to Wear

Convertible dress (also says twist wrap dress) which from classic to sexy, create your style, just change the wrap to change your look and show different beauty. This is completely beyond our imagination, when 4-6 bridesmaids wearing a convertible dress in different shapes, how beautiful they are. If we do not know how to choose the right dresses to attend the wedding or prom, we can choose convertible dresses to help us create whatever we want.

Bridesmaid Dress Multi Way to Wear

The twist wrap provides a completely different look. It has a more casual feel and offers short and long. It is lightweight and offers both short and long lengths. They also offer a great mix of colors and perfect matches. Let us cringe, dream like a beautiful fairy tale, which can make us all of a sudden fall in love with this dress. The classic convertible dress are exceptionally elegant and chic. If the girls choose a pair of sexy red high heels, the scene can arouse people's various ideas.

convertible bridesmaid dresses

There are many different kinds of cheap bridesmaid dresses. They can be divided into many different styles. And whether they can be the same beauty when they wear them can be a problem for us. The answer is no, when you choose bridesmaid dress, you need to take into account not only your own body. Your personal style should also be considered. In addition, you need the appropriate accessories as finishing touches. Choosing the right collar can be the first step in choosing the most appropriate bridesmaid dress. This knowledge can not only be used to select the bridesmaid dress, you can also choose your prom dress or daily dress.

Multiway Bridesmaid Dress

Our twist wrap dress has a range of gorgeous colors. For bridesmaids and prom nights, our convertible dress collection features many fabrics to choose from. You can choose dress style in a ventilated grid design, soft and flowing, and compliments on all shapes. Also can choose a bit sexy, with a luster stretch jersey. Convertible dress is a simple and stunning non-striped dress that will add ease and elegance to your every step. There is no limit to what you can do with these fabulous convertible dress.

bridesmaids wear twist wrap dresses

Friday, December 9, 2016

Prom Dresses Trends 2017: Dress You Must-Have

This upcoming 2017 and formal season is fast approaching. Today we are so excited to share some of prom dresses trends for the 2017 season which you must know when select the dress. Let's take a look at the trends for the upcoming season in prom dresses, evening gowns and party dresses!

Crop Tops & Two Piece

Crop tops & two piece run over the runway, as well as the red carpet. 2017 will undoubtedly become the crop and two piece year. This trend is showing up in every designer's collection. This types dress feel ultra feminine and glamorous, isn't it?

crop tops prom dresstwo piece prom dress

Romantic Lace

A romantic lace dresses somehow feel fresh and new. Overall lace fabrics and lace will be in abundance. They play out the fabulous details and design their park. There will be a 2017 style for almost all lace parties.

purple lace prom dresswhite lace prom dress


Florals seems to bigger and better recur in the fashion field. Don't be afraid to rock a bold floral print to prom. Visible in short and long silhouettes, these patterns bloom in long prom dress and are accompanied by exquisite lace over shoulder or tight-fitting style.

floral print prom dressPink floral print prom dress


Exquisite embroidery is one of the biggest trends in 2017, and our prom dresses 2017 collection amazing embroidery style which enhance your dress in a charming fancy stitching. It's all in the details, right?

short purple embroidery prom dressLong purple embroidery prom dress


Another big trend is illusion. This is a pure mesh material that looks like a second layer of skin. The illusion can be seen in the neckline, the body in the back and strategic position with a little skirt on the sheer panel or skirt to show off a little bit still. Fantasy dress has been red carpet in recent months.


The trend will continue until 2017 to look up, sequins and crystal together. The result is a fantastic skirt that lets you stand out from the crowd. The glittering glory has been countless celebrities across the red carpet.

red sequins prom dressPurple sequins prom dress


It finally was actually really warm, so it's time to break the spring colors. The pretty colored dress looks even more strikingly matched with metal accessories such as metal shoes and clutches.

Ball Gowns

Big pouffy dress back! Timeless red carpet styles! These charming styles are just for you! In our prom dresses 2017 series, look for these retro dance party dresses, come to the prom night, you will be ready for your close-up.