Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Has Rocked Paris

2016 Victoria's secret fashion show has rocked Paris at Grand Palais and it's time to catalog this season's new looks — what you look forward to this Victoria's secret fashion show, Let's look at these supermodels wonderful fashion show.

# The Road Ahead:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - The Road Ahead

AA as the Road Ahead segment theme finale models, with exotic golden wings.
This year's opening of the first set of works by the GIGI the Road Ahead series, the design includes Russia, China and other traditional ethnic elements, which have a stunning shape is, the model who actually tied a one-stop appearance!

# Secret Angel:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Secret Angel

Victoria's Secret the annual show is really more and more people can not not pay attention. This year is moved to Paris Lady Gaga to help out and other news so that everyone anxious.

# Mountain Romance:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Mountain Romance

The wings of this theme is very different from previous years, made from a variety of fine feathers, with a jungle of wild charm.

# Pink Nation:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Pink Nation

Pink is Victoria's secret big show an essential theme every year, through a large number of ribbon to show girls lovely and energetic, warm.

# Dark Angel:

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Dark Angel

Taylor Hill a crape LOOK opening, "attack" gas full!

Supermodel wearing a black-based color underwear, wearing a big black angel wings, as if never in the mysterious dream of walking.

Ophelia beauty fairy supermodel shine finale

# Bright Night Angel: 

2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Bright Night Angel

Bright Night Angel this theme as the finale of the series of Victoria show, full screen is a dazzling fairy. Bright Night Angel theme is also a highlight of the shape.

2016 Victoria's Secret Pink Pajamas Party Show Full Backstage

Take a look at Victoria supermodel backstage girl dream burst of pink pajamas party!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show pink pajamas party
VSFS2016 Supermodel Wear Pink Pajamas2016 Victoria's Secret Party