Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016-2017 Highlights Floral Printed Prom Dresses Trends

One of the biggest trends of the 2016-2017 prom season is floral printed prom dresses. From long a line silhouettes to short-fitting prom dresses, the bold floral prints that are emerging in 2016 formal wear collections, with gorgeous white, red, blue, and fuchsia flowers on voluminous skirts and bodices.

Whether you are in a bold shape like a mermaid robe or simple outline with dazzling rhinestones, gorgeous motifs or sheer fabric accents, this season has it all. Floral prints show its feminine, dramatic, super unique, absolutely unforgettable.

Mermaid Prom Dress With Large Roses Floral Printed

Going to a whimsical two-piece style to enhance your personal appeal with a bold floral of fun prints, absolutely gorgeous floral numbers, or all the blends, a printed prom dress will make you notice.

Printed Black Two Piece Prom Dress

Looks cute, tulle prom dress for a completely flirty atmosphere. Forever a female classic, tulle + floral printed dress is another choice for ladies at party with exquisite designs and elegant dress silhouettes.

Blossoms Pink Prom Dress

If the tulle is not your style into the more comfortable satin-printed prom dress, adorable floral print, cute flare dress ideal for prom activities, an elegant walk in your next holiday event & dates.

Black Blue Roses Prom Dress

Each dress has its own avant-garde, classic and fun style. No matter what the look and the ensemble, you decide to go and you will definitely find something that makes you feel like (the ball) Queen you are!