Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Wear Sequins For The Cocktail Party

Sequins are a hot trend in cocktail party, especially for holiday party. Whether it's a New Year's party, a happy birthday or casual party, you need to have piece sequins in your wardrobe. Here are some amazing equipment ideas to help you combine sequins in your cocktail party fashion.

Short Sheath Sweetheart Zipper Back Sequins Organza Cocktail Dress

Mixed match

Sequins is that it can be worn in a variety of ways due to its versatility. Sequins cocktail dress can be worn with leggings for a casual chic look. You can also try cargo jacket with boots.

Statement Pieces

Unless you want to blind people, do not crazy sequins style. You do not want to shine in your blouse, your socks, your shoes and your jeans pocket. Focus on one of your dress and let it enjoy all the attention. Sequins cocktail dresses are great fashion choice. Just remember to keep it simple and ignore every temptation to accessorize. Select the footwear in solid color and make-up, just add some color to the lips.


If you don't like sequined dress, you can develop this style with sequins accessories. Belts, needles or hair bands will add that instant charm. Try the color of a sequined bag or clutch, matching your dress - the flashy style of caution at its best. A monochrome pump or peep-toe can easily show off a simple little black dress. Collar necklace is a perfect example of a subtle styling.

Tone it down

Sequins itself is a little complicated, so avoid complex cutting and structured silhouettes. Go Easily design on other aspects to keep the spark in focus.

The delicate sequin work that is worn for holiday is great. But you do not have to wear sequins dress - a little detail is enough. Try a simple monochrome dress embellishment with sequined to sparkle the party.

Try the color

Sequins are not all gold,black and silver. The sequins look great in a variety of colors, and it is a dark and rich black or hot pink. Try something different, such as shiny blue or orange. But do not try more than two colors. A single shadow is always better, unless you look at a patterned style. The multicolored sequins make this dress interesting.

Finally, once you decide to wear sequins cocktail dress, keeping wear it with confidence. Shine and sparkle may attract a lot of attention - all you need to do is enjoy it!