Monday, October 24, 2016

Unique Ideas of Chinese Themed Wedding

As Christmas is approaching, many new couples want to hold a unique winter wedding. If you want something different, here are some of our favorite wedding ideas, inspired by Chinese Weddings.

The lanterns are perfect for wedding decorating accessories. If your ceilings are high, hang them in the rich, interest from above your room. While red is generally associated with the Chinese colors, there is nothing to stop you from adopting your own color scheme.

Red lantern wedding decorating accessories

Beautiful umbrellas are usually included in the Chinese decoration. Hanging colorful umbrellas on the ceiling. Or, a paper cocktail umbrella is a great place to card, maybe even include the benefits of chocolate favor.

umbrellas on the ceiling

When it comes to your table flowers, get creative with vessels. Pink and red in the East theme of good cooperation. For an easy way to add oriental splash, use the Chinese fabric as a desktop runner and set your flower arrangement on it.

red flowers for wedding
chinese theme wedding flowers

Favors, Fortunes & Fans

The Chinese theme opens up a wide variety of wonderful ideas for wedding favor. Chopsticks make a lovely souvenir, especially when you have engraved your name and wedding date. Or give each guest a nice fan. They look beautifully presented in a chair, or decorated as a place. Fan-shaped cookies are ideal and can be customized according to your color scheme.

chopsticks wedding favor

China Fortune Cookies is a fun wedding favor, especially if you take the time to create a more personalized "fortune" for each guest. Now go to the big jars on each table, or give each guest a small bag to take home. Create your own Traditional Chinese Blessing Tree, inviting guests to hang a wish on the branches of a decorative tree. As an alternative to the guestbook, you can ask them to write a friendly message.

Chinese Blessing Tree

Wedding Cake
A dramatic red and gold creations will certainly stand out from the wedding. The exquisite pink molasses decorated this oriental cake for the wedding.

Chinese theme red gold wedding cake

Cheongsam is one type of traditional Chinese female costumes, especially in the wedding. Gold flowers red long cheongsam - traditional Chinese wedding dress. What about to choose Wedding Dress of Chinese elements, This will be the most unique design in your wedding.

Cheongsam Chinese wedding dress