Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Prom & Homecoming Corsage & Boutonniere

Prom night & Homecoming party is the perfect time to show off your style and individuality. Magical and memorable evening for goers with beautiful dresses, tuxes, hair, shoes and of course your flowers too! Corsages and boutonnieres can make your evening extra special that complement and give trend to your prom dresses or homecoming attire.

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Here are five ways you can personalize your prom & homecoming corsage & boutonniere to make your wrist or lapel extra special for the dance:

1. Shells
This is a perfect idea for beach or submarine themed dance. Add a beach theme item into your corsage and boutonniere will the right choice and make a splash. You can buy craft shells, starfish and corals online or use the natural.

2. Ribbons
Adding stress to the Ribbon is a great way to add a subtle color to a white brooch or brooch. This is a discreet option for those who are looking for a way to draw attention to the color of their dress or tie without letting the color overpower their ensemble. Simply add an extra satin ribbon dangling down from the flowers to give it that extra stunning.

3. Feathers
If you are wearing a green, blue or purple dress or tie, consider peacock feathers to tie the appearance together. This is a great option for couples looking for coordination that does not look too match: one can wear green, another purple, and then two can be incorporated into the peacock feather corsage and boutonniere. Couples to go to a rural appearance can add soft, feather feathers to their flower accessories. Harder and more structured feathers can be corsage and boutonniere as well as a great addition. This is the best couple who is outdoors and loves nature, as it brings this element to their dancing look.

4. Sparkle
Why not use a little extra shine into corsage and boutonniere. To enhance your glamor factor with a simple method, sprinkle gently with a clear liquid adhesive and sprinkle the top of the flash. The lighter the glitter, the more subtle the sparkle is all depending on your taste. Another way is DIY, get some flower stickers and glue the drill into your petals. Different size of the diamond will produce almost dew-like effect.

5. Charms
Small charm is a sweet, simple addition to your flowers. You can string the charm on a ribbon, giving your brooch and brooch super personal feeling. You can use the charm that you have already bought from a bracelet or necklace, or you can buy it from craft and jewelry stores. For best results, go for a charm that symbolizes your own thing, whether it's a hobby or a shared joke between you and your date. This not only makes your flowers completely unique, it will give them a special meaning.

Below are stunning wrist corsage & boutonniere popular search online & pinterest.

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