Thursday, October 13, 2016

What to wear to Gala Event this November?

The cold season is here, the nights have become longer, and the time to go back into our wardrobes to find those warm coats and rain boots, has also arrived. Even though boots and warm coats are great allies for the everyday life, when it comes to gala events, a bit more preparation is highly advised. As you may know, QQdress anticipates all your needs, and that is why we have created a special list of dresses that you can impress with at your next gala event!


Because not all dare to bare it all in winter! Whether that is your excuse or not, a long sleeve dress will guarantee you both elegance and charming without cold.

The strapless dress is a great look if you always aim to look your sexy. If the November rain is not an issue, then this group of dresses adapt to your own little red carpet moment!

Classic and eternal are probably the two best words to describe the ‘black’ look. Add a little jewelry to these little black dresses and you are guaranteed to win the title of 'most elegant woman of the night'.